Children's Cancer Camp

Posted 5/17/2012 by Stacy Dellasega from Camp Sanguinity, CA

I am a longtime volunteer with a children's cancer camp.  We just got back from camp, and I had to write and tell you what a hit your marshmallow shooter device was. 

It was evening, and a large group of kids had come into the med hut for their evening meds.  I was chatting with the kids who were waiting in line, when all of a sudden something shot by me.  I had no idea what it was.  The next thing I knew, I looked up and saw our camp director/child life specialist using your device to shoot marshmallows at the kids waiting in line. 

Soon there were 3 of us behind the med counter shooting marshmallows, and then chaos erupted!  The kids in line started throwing the marshmallows back at us.  There were marshmallows flying everywhere!  Everyone was screaming in laughter, and all of us were having a blast.  I'll bet our little marshmallow "war" lasted over 10 minutes, much to the delight of the kids and the adults.  I can't even begin to tell you how many marshmallows lined the floor--we found them for days afterwards! 

The best part was there was a boy who joined in who, according to our camp director, hadn't laughed in a long time.  He had a ball firing marshmallows back at us and was laughing all the while!  What a blessing!  The next day all the kids who were in the med hut during our little battle told me they couldn't wait to come back in the next night! 

We also had an elderly donor visit the next day, and while she was in the med hut we were telling her about what had happened the night before.  She wanted to try it out, and to her great delight, the first marshmallow she fired accidently scored a direct hit on our oncologist, who then turned to see who was shooting marshmallows at her.  All of us there were laughing hysterically.  So your device has been a huge hit with both kids and adults of all ages! 

Hope your enjoyed hearing about our experience.  Thanks for a great invention!