Kelsey's Kids

when a child is desperately ill,
the road to recovery is long,
but with the gift of laughter,
you can help a child heal.

It all started because Kelsey got leukemia

When Kelsey was a freckle-faced eleven-year-old with leukemia, she and her parents found a way to bring laughter into the grim realities of oncology treatments, bone marrow transplants, and long bedside vigils. They invented the Marshmallow Launcher, a toy that exercises the lungs, relieves stress and reduces boredom. Besides, pelting your doctors and nurses with marshmallows was way more fun than breathing into a spirometer and always good for a laugh.

The children's cancer unit was soon filled with the healing power of laughter and a new tool to encourage healthy deep breathing. Kelsey's family knew they had found a way to give back. The patented Marshmallow Launcher is a fund-raiser, a toy and a medical tool for hospitalized children. To date, Kelsey's Kids have made more than 20,000 Launchers for children in more than 150 hospitals and cancer camps. Proceeds have also funded the donation of sterilized toys, a.k.a. Kelsey's Krates.

Kelsey is now a healthy, cancer-free college girl...